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Madrid is a great city to have a walk through its many squares, parks, and streets. It is easy to explore the city on foot and everyday more streets are pedestrianized and sidewalks enlarged. Here are some itineraries you could take in Madrid.

Walk 1. From Puerta del Sol to Puerta del Sol.

Madrid Walk

This walk can be taken early in the morning or in the afternoon after a relaxing lunch. The total distance covered is approximately 2 miles (3,200 meters). We start in the Puerta del Sol, so wherever you are in the city just take the Metro (Lines 1, 2 or 3) and go directly to Sol Station. Once you get to Sol look for the Calle Mayor on the west side directly opposite to the Tio Pepe sign. Then walk along the Calle Mayor until you get to Calle de Felipe III on your left. On this short street you will find Moore's, one of the many Irish pubs of the city that come to life later at night. A few meters away an archway leads into the Plaza Mayor, the 17th century square with the equestrian statue of Felipe III. Then head to the southwestern corner of the square and pass under the Arco de Cuchilleros that leads into Calle Cuchilleros. Right there, as you exit the Plaza Mayor, is the famous restaurant Las Cuevas de Luis Candelas and further down the street is Botín, the world's oldest restaurant according to the Guinness Book of Records and a favorite of Ernest Hemingway.

Now head back towards the Calle Mayor and continue along the street to reach the Plaza de la Villa where the city Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) is located. In the center of this square is the statue of the famous Spanish naval commander Don Alvaro de Bazán. At the end of Calle Mayor turn to the right on Calle Bailen. On the left side is the Almudena Cathedral and just in front the Royal Palace built during the second half of the 18th century. To the east is the Plaza de Oriente dominated by the equestrian statue of Felipe IV.

Head to the north along Calle Bailen to find the Jardines de Sabatini (Sabatini Gardens) on the left side, and further ahead is the Senate (Senado) that serves as the upper house of Spain's Parliament. Then you arrive to the Plaza de España. There the main attraction is Cervantes Monument and the statues of Don Quixote and Sancho where tourists love to be photographed. Now walk into the large building behind directly opposite to the square, the Edificio España, and cross the street into the Gran Vía.

Walk along the Gran Vía until you reach the Plaza del Callao which is easily recognized by its movie theaters. Then take Calle Preciados that is entirely pedestrianized and usually crowded by people shopping, and walk until you get again to the Puerta del Sol to end your walk.


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